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This car audio lover had come in and wanted to upgrade his factory sound system in his challenger. He didn’t really have any expectations just wanted it to sound great. After showing him a few different options we started bringing up the possibility of some custom work. He was very interested in doing some custom work. We showed him a few pictures and then brought him out back and show him a car with some custom door panels. He was instantly impressed with our skills and asked us to completely customize his challenger. He decided to get nothing but…


Custom Golf Cart

This Car Audio Lover wanted to have great sound on the links.  He has a custom built and painted golf cart painted with his favorite team.  To give him great sound on the links we installed a Kenwood KDCX695 radio and a pair of Boston S65 six inch speakers powered by a Kicker 11DX1252 amp.  His custom golf cart now both looks and sounds great.  Work done by Audio Express 1235 S Gilbert Road Mesa AZ 85204

Ford Galaxie 500

Ford Galaxie 500

This car audio lover wanted something custom for his beautifully restored Galaxie 500. We completely customized the whole trunk for him and installed two Boston 12” subwoofers and two Alpine amps. This great car is also equipped with a Kenwood radio and great speakers.  This classic car sounds amazing and looks like a show car!  Work done by Quality Auto Sound 307 W Littleton Blvd.  Littleton CO 80120


Dodge Truck – Custom Fiberglass door panel

This car audio lover wanted to have 3 6×9 inch speakers in each door.  This required a custom fiberglass door panel.  The custom panel is wrapped to match the interior of the truck.  The 6X9’s are Kicker KS series 11KS69.  The entire system is all Kicker; L7’s for Subwoofers and 11ZX25001 for the Amp.  This truck is beyond loud!  Work done by Audio Express 1105 San Mateo N.E. Albuquerque NM 87110  

Custom Box for a 2011 NIssan Titan

2011 Nissan Titan

This car audio lover wanted something special for his brand new 2011 Nissan Titan.  The custom box was wrapped so it would really pop out in the customers truck.  It has two Kicker shallow CVT’s and a Kicker 11DX10001 amplifier.  The amp was custom mounted into the box in between the two sub’s.  It all fits under the back fold down seats.  He now has a custom fitting, good looking, and great sounding car audio system.  Work done by Audio Express 1105 San Mateo N.E. Albuquerque NM  87110  


Cadillac Escalade

This car audio lover wanted some bass in his new Cadillac Escalade.  His only request was that he wanted 15” subwoofers.  Well after  showing him what would really sound great and what we could do the end result was a Kenwood double din DVD/Nav system, Viper alarm, 4 sets of Pioneer 6.5” component speakers customized into the doors, 2 4 channel Kicker amplifiers for the highs, 4 15” Kicker L7 Subwoofers customized into the bed, 2 kicker 2500 watt amplifiers to power those, a dual alternator setup, several car audio Shuriken batteries, and custom work.  The install came out…


300ZX with Enormous Bass

This Car Audio Lover wanted to customize his subwoofer setup in his 300ZX.  He wanted a ton of bass but had limited space to really go crazy so we installed 3 Alpine Type R subwoofers into a customized box and also customized his amps into an amp rack so that everything looked very clean and sleek.  The end result was a nice install and enormous bass, needless to say.  Work was done at Audio Express 1506 N Lee Trevino El Paso TX 79936.

Bass for a Classic Lincoln

Customized Classic Lincoln

This car audio lover came in with his classic Lincoln with suicide doors.  He had already customized the paint, interior, and wheels and needless to say he wanted to make sure his car was taken care of.  He wanted something simple, nice, and clean but nothing too crazy since he didn’t want any noticeable modifications.  He chose 2 Kenwood subwoofers in which the box was customized into the wheel well, 2 Alpine amplifiers, a Kenwood Cd player inside the glove box, and Boston Acoustic speakers.  The system looked and sounded great.  Work done at Audio Express 1506 N Lee Trevino…

Bass and Cargo room to

Pontiac G6 – Car Audio Bass And Cargo Room To

This Car Audio Lover was in search of bass for her Pontiac G6.  A plain looking box was not going to cut it.  The install crew showed her how they can custom trim the trunk, incorporating it all together while still having room to get groceries.  This Car Audio Lover now has great sounding bass and cargo room to.  Work done by Audio Express 5616 S Lindbergh Ave Green Park MO 63123. Phone Number 314-842-1242 Car Audio Bass…

Owned by Nene of the NBA

Mercedes GL

This Car Audio Lover wanted something special.  Nene from the NBA has owned many Mercedes and he wasn’t really impressed with the interior of this SUV.  The guys at Quality Auto Sound laid out a plan and executed it with great skill.  What a great project, from the outside body kit, to the interior, and finally the stereo system.  As well as sounding great, this baby gets looks everywhere it goes.   Nene is Quality Auto Sound through and through.  Work done by Quality Auto Sound 8402 W Colfax Ave Lakewood CO 80215